Sustainability VIP 2021
The programs & practices reshaping construction & our communities

As the demand for more sustainable building continues to increase, and the practice of green building becomes increasingly more profitable, construction today is positioned to lead the world by example. The industry already understands the importance of and need for sustainable practices, and it’s time we talk more about it. Construction Business Owner (CBO) Magazine’s Sustainability VIP honor recognizes the efforts and ingenuity of those building a better future for the earth and its inhabitants. CBO’s Sustainability VIPs are industry professionals who have developed or supported initiatives within their companies to support any of the following areas of sustainability:

  • Industry and infrastructure
  • Clean energy, water and sanitation
  • Recycling and responsible consumption and production
  • Protection of climate, wildlife and waterways
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Green building and LEED efforts
  • Humanitarian efforts (poverty, hunger, equality, health, wellness, education, employment)

You can see the profiles for CBO's three 2021 finalist by clicking their images below. 


Randall K. DeRuiter
Randall K. DeRuiter, President, Cunningham-Limp

Scottie L. White
Scottie L. White, Retired Plumber/Project Manager, Joe Marchese Commercial Construction

Salvatore Zarella
Salvatore Zarella, Founder, Construction Management Group, LLC