Develop construction planning best practices to achieve operational excellence
Define your payment procedures, get paid and ensure cash remains king
Focus on the 4 Cs of Construction
Address the competition, company, customer and climate to finish every job right
Owners must avoid panic, fine-tune execution and make the investment
Bridging the Communication Gap
How to unite your firm under a common goal
Develop a proactive change order management strategy.
Disaster Recovery
A structured approach to post-disaster recovery is vital to mitigating losses.
Disaster Preparation and Recovery
Devise an effective plan and execution strategy to minimize downtime.
Develop Them and They Will Stay
Create a firm-wide strategy to retain top producers.
The Contractor’s Dilemma
Weigh your options: leadership should learn to look beyond short-term gains.
The Project  Manager’s MBA: Efficient Operations Management
Map your processes to 
maximize productivity.
The Project Manager’s MBA: Upholding Ethics
Maintaining strict project controls not only helps to instill ethics but improves your image and your bottom line.
The Project Manager’s MBA: Introduction to 
Satisfied customers are your best vehicle for marketing.
The Project Manager’s MBA: Introduction to 
Organizational Behavior
Implement modern motivational techniques to improve employee performance.
The Project Manager's MBA: Economics 101
Think like an economist to stay ahead of the competition.