Construction Business Owner, November 2014

November 2014

Despite a continually improving economy, you may not be in a position to expand your fleet through a cash purchase or traditional financin
Anyone involved in the road building process knows it is not an easy job, and it isn’t something to be left for novices.
There is no set way to define the American economic recovery. One report seems to contradict another. Optimism is shared with pessimism.
Business owners are concerned about the electronic frontier we now live in and the liabilities that we all face because of it.
Fast, friendly service sounds more like a characteristic of your local barista than an employee of a construction firm.
A telehandler’s true value is in its multipurpose capabilities.Any contractor who needs to lift, move and/or place materials has many equi
Employers have monitored employees in the workplace daily for years, tracking the number of hours employees work and their use of the comp
Today, construction business owners and employees are as likely to use smartphone or tablet devices for work as they are a laptop or PC.
Michael is the owner of a ceramic tile contracting company in Michigan who called me looking for advice.
The top and bottom of the contracting chain have been in a tug-of-war over who controls payment logistics and financial risk on a construc
From any business perspective, no matter what the field, cash is king.
Every construction business owner gets to a point when a decision about new equipment must be made.
For those who have not heard the term “augmented reality” (AR), you will soon.
This article is the third of a four-part series in which Walker Lee Evey will share how he helped turn the Pentagon Renovation Program
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