Gregg Schoppman's Top Tips in 2015
Expert project management guidance to drive productivity in your business

As a consultant with FMI, Gregg Schoppman specializes in the areas of productivity and project management and has expertise in contract delivery methods across many geographical markets. In his monthly columns, he provides you with real-world advice on ethics, team leadership and good business sense. In case you missed one, here's a recap to refer back to as you begin to build a business strategy for 2016. 

1. Strategizing for the Future Begins Now 

Owners must avoid panic, fine-tune execution and make the investment 

2. Focus on the 4 Cs of Construction

Address the competition, company, customer and climate to finish every job right

3. Green is Good



Define your payment procedures, get paid and ensure cash remains king 

4. 5 Elements of Productivity Improvement

Develop construction planning best practices to achieve operational excellence

5. Building Your Backlog

Drive business through strategy and relationship building, regardless of market conditions

6. Not All Strategy is Good Strategy

Fatal flaws to avoid when planning for the future 

7. To Specialize or Generalize

Identify the niche market strategy that works best for your company 

8. The Flight of the Managers


New employee-driven marketplace causes contractors to question compensation models

9. The Next Great Extinction

Learn more about the construction industry’s vanishing employee roles

10. Leverage the Skills of Service Contractors

Develop a service mentality to produce short-term profitability and long-term value 

11. The Guide to Balancing Ethics and Integrity in the World of Construction

Gregg Schoppman outlines a definitive list of core values 

12. Build an Enduring Organization

Shape your firm by focusing on your vision statement and the right infrastructure