MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Zurn Industries LLC is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Young Professionals program (AYP). Through this partnership, Zurn will strengthen its relationship with ASPE and, through regular communication with AYP members, help provide new generations of plumbing engineering professionals with tools that make their jobs easier. 

The AYP program was created to connect young professionals to share experiences, network with other ASPE Chapter members and exchange ideas. Over the years, ASPE has formed numerous partnerships with organizations to collaborate and further develop the field, and Zurn’s sponsorship of AYP is one more excellent example of how the industry can work together to ensure continued growth of the plumbing engineering profession.

"This partnership represents a huge step in the history of our ASPE Young Professionals program," said ASPE President Mitch Clemente, CPD, FASPE. "I'm extremely excited about the opportunities presented by Zurn's sponsorship and look forward to developing this relationship for the betterment of ASPE's young members and the plumbing engineering community.”

In partnering with the AYP program, Zurn is investing in the future leaders of the plumbing engineering industry. Zurn will now be able to pass along years of knowledge and experience in plumbing specification, information on their breadth of water-saving, easy-to-install products and guidance to help young engineers build high-performing buildings that lead to a sustainable water future.

For more information, visit Zurn.