CHICAGO, Ill. (July 5, 2018)—Z Modular, a division of Zekelman Industries, announced today that its modular manufacturing facility is operational and currently producing modules for multiple projects. Located in Birmingham's Valley East Industrial Park, the 125,000-square-foot facility currently employs 41 full-time plant and office workers manufacturing American-made, steel-framed modules for a variety of markets, including hospitality, university student housing and affordable multi-family housing.

The first project, an affordable housing structure in Washington, D.C., is currently running through the facility. A second project, Cheatham Street Flats, will be a 143-unit, multi-purpose student housing facility located near Austin, Texas.

"Our innovative approach to traditional building methods has owners and developers excited about the future of modular construction," said Richard Rozycki, senior vice president of Z Modular.

As more projects come online, the plant will ramp up accordingly, with an expected 100 full-time employees at the Birmingham facility at full capacity. "We're happy to call Birmingham home," said David Hallan, plant manager for Z Modular. "The quality of the workforce here and the warm hospitality of the community have been second to none."

In addition to producing modular units, Z Modular supports domestic manufacturing. "90 percent of the steel-related materials used in the units—including steel conduit for electrical raceway and steel pipe for mechanical applications—is manufactured in the United States by Zekelman Industries, the parent company of Z Modular," said Mickey McNamara, president of Z Modular. "The hollow structural sections (HSS) that make up the structural framework of the modules are produced locally in Birmingham at Zekelman's Atlas Tube facility. We are proud supporters of domestic manufacturing."

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