Beachwood, Ohio (June 14, 2018)—Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance announced it has launched a YouTube channel, “Contractor Corner by Corey,” in support of commercial roofing contractors, demonstrating in-field techniques to help roofing projects run more productively.  

“Contractor Corner By Corey,” hosted by Tremco Roofing Contractor Support Specialist (CSS) and former commercial roofer Corey Johnston, contains brief, instructional videos showing solutions to common and unusual rooftop problems, with the first three videos covering patching splits that are underwater, sealing metal roof fasteners quickly and with minimal waste, and smoothly installing three-course mesh details.

“Working so closely with contractors, we understand the headaches they can have on a job,” said JK Milliken, Tremco Roofing’s vice president of products, R&D and Technical Solutions. “Fortunately, our extremely skilled team of Contractor Support Specialists in the United States and Canada have the expertise to make the pain disappear. Combining their experience with the inventive solutions that CSSs like Corey Johnston develop from dealing with hands-on, real-life roofing situations with our sales representatives and field technicians, we believe we can help contractors solve any problem they run into. We thought it was our responsibility to share these great resources with the entire industry, and our new YouTube channel is a perfect place to do so.”

The company’s goal is for the channel to become a go-to source for a wide variety of training, with at least one video added monthly. “We want our videos to address the pressing needs of commercial roofing contractors, so we encourage contractors to tell us what problems they face, what they want training on most,” said Milliken.  “This channel is not about what we want, it’s about how we can help you be more successful.”

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