EDISON, N.J. (November 1, 2017) – Tenna announced it has become a member of the LoRa Alliance, an Internet of Things (IoT) alliances with over 500 members. This membership will help Tenna accelerate its IoT solution deployments, using the LoRaWAN standard for long range wide area networking for customers’ construction sites, thereby taking a further step in helping customers in the digital transformation from the physical to digital worksites.

The LoRa Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the interoperability and standardization of the LoRaWAN low-power wide area network (LPWAN) technology that drives the success of the IoT. The LoRaWAN standard is a LPWAN specification intended for wireless battery-operated devices in a regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN technology provides seamless interoperability among smart devices without the need for complex local network installations, and empowers users, developers, and businesses, enabling the seamless rollout of IoT solutions.

Tenna will use the LoRaWAN protocol to offer cost effective solutions for the management of information flow in and between construction sites. Tenna’s implementation of LoRaWAN technology will provide wireless connectivity for the sensor-enabled physical asset management devices, LoRaWAN GPS trackers, currently in development by Tenna.  Construction sites, operated by Tenna customers, will feature plug-and-play temporary or permanent long distance radio networks — without the need for any training or radio licensing -- working completely out of the box.  This simplicity enables reduction in radio costs, which translates to savings for Tenna customers. Tenna’s LoRaWAN GPS tracking devices leverage long range, low power wireless platforms to deliver critical information, no matter where assets travel.

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