CINCINNATI (Feb. 20, 2024) — Stack Construction Technologies, a cloud-based construction platform, announced a partnership with Nearmap, one of the world's largest location intelligence and aerial imagery solutions providers, to improve efficiency, reduce risks and increase bid output for subcontractors. The new integration delivers benefits by leveraging high-resolution aerial images to improve estimate accuracy and eliminate the need for on-site visits.

Exterior and site plans on existing buildings are not always available, leaving contractors to use lower-resolution satellite images and increasing safety risks, labor costs and time wasted by performing redundant on-site visits. With the Stack and Nearmap integration, contractors can import high-quality aerial images with automatic scaling to complete quotes. By leveraging Stack’s takeoff and estimating tools, contractors will increase bid outputs, have greater scalability and eliminate risk with a fully remote process.

The integration specifically empowers roofing contractors to deliver precise and detailed estimates on projects like re-roofing, storm damage and repairs. Nearmap imagery enables roofing contractors to view hazards remotely, like building height, landscape features and power lines, mitigating safety risks and reducing worker’s compensation rates. Estimators can expedite quote generation, ensuring customer satisfaction, while increasing their chances of securing more projects. The utilization of high-quality aerial images enhances the professionalism of the quotes, instilling confidence in project owners and assisting contractors in winning additional contracts.

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