CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (February 16, 2017) —  Gordon Brush Mfg. Co. Inc. has revamped its Milwaukee Dustless Brush logo. The new logo reflects the brand's American heritage and coincides with its 120th Anniversary. Milwaukee Dustless Brush is one of the oldest manufacturers of brooms, brushes, and squeegees in the United States.

"Our new logo is a bold modern design that shows its true colors: red, white and blue, with a star representing the American flag. This logo will carry the brand for the foreseeable future," said Ken Rakusin, Gordon Brush President & CEO.

"The simplicity in its design elegantly portrays Americana.  The stylistic, asymmetrical "M" with the sharp corners, creates an image of market dominance for the brand," said Alan Schechter, vice president sales and marketing.

For more information, visit Milwaukee Dustless Brush.