DETROIT, Mich. (July 2017) –  Cheryl Smith, DeMaria’s office manager, celebrated 40 years at DeMaria this year! In 1977, Smith interviewed to join the DeMaria team. She walked into DeMaria’s Hubbell Street office in Detroit at only 19 years old and was offered the position by Joseph DeMaria Sr. that day. She has done a little bit of everything in order to help DeMaria be successful over the years, but her main responsibilities have always involved payroll. Early in her career, Smith would complete payroll for over 200 employees by hand.

When talking to owner Richard DeMaria about Smith’s time with the company, he said, “Over the years, I have worn many hats. However, I don’t believe I’ve worn more than Smith. Her role has included receptionist, secretary – and back then secretary was politically correct – administrative assistant, bookkeeper, human resources, and IT expert. Smith has always been a great support to so many of us at DeMaria. I’m so thankful she’s part of this family.” '

Owner and CEO Joseph A. DeMaria Jr. said, “Smith always has a contagious positive attitude and is always willing to do whatever it takes. She is like family to us!”

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