May 8, 2018—3Dazer (owned by Laurel At Sunset Inc.) has just launched a one-of-a-kind laser distance measuring solution that attaches to your smartphone and syncs with a project management app (available in the App Store and Google Play). The laser and app are available on iPhone and Android Smartphones and iPads.

3Dazer is the only laser measuring device on the market that can work together with a users’ smartphone or iPad. The 3Dazer device gives users the unique ability to combine sensors from the gyroscope in your phone with the sensors in the device, thereby giving you the power to make accurate measurements. The 3Dazer laser distance measuring solution and app is a convenient and easy-to-use laser and app combination used by generalcontractors, architects, interior designers, realtors, sub-contractors, engineers and anyone else looking to condense a lot of items commonly carried in their tool belt into one simplified device.

The 3Dazer laser and app offers both professionals and homeowners the ability to ditch their measuring tape and easily measure distance, area, perimeter and volume up to 230 feet, using direct and indirect measurements with an accuracy of equal to or less than 1/16 of an inch. It provides both imperial and metric readings and takes single, continuous (maximim/minimum) and cumulative measurements. The
3Dazer laser is also equipped with an inclination sensor that helps with leveling, height tracking and measuring around obstacles, eliminating other cumbersome items also always carried around like a notebook, phone book, level or grid paper for floor plans and more.

The measurements from the laser import directly into the project management app, which allows for storage of unlimited measurements, organization of projects, floorplan creation,
labeling and note taking of pictures taken at job sites, contacts and connection to a cloud where professional users can upload all data from the 3Dazer app and send to anyone, anywhere, anytime from any device.


Key Features:

  • Measure—Quickly and accurately measure and calculate distance, area and volume right from your phone.
  • Label—The label function enables the user to take photos and mark directly on the images with measurement lines, text notes or voice memos.
  • Collaborate—Share work with co-workers, clients, and sub-contractors, straight from the app.
  • Store—Upload and save all of your photos, notes, measurements, contacts and other important information on your cloud so you have it at your fingertips on jobsites and whenever you are on the go.
  • Sketch—The floorplan function allows the user to create on-the-spot floor plans right on your mobile device
  • Access—Easily view measuring results and project data on your phone screen.


3 Main Components:

1. An app-driven system for both professionals and homeowners that empowers function and performance with continuing upgrades and is available for free at the App Store and on Google Play
2. A patented laser device that turns your smartphone into a smart laser measuring tool available for both professionals and homeowners to purchase on
3. Secure cloud storage for project management tools available for free or for upgraded storage plans paid monthly or annually

For inforamtion on specific models, storage capacities and pricing, visit