Avoid these pitfalls when adding personnel to your team.

What’s the best defense against a bad employee? Never hiring one in the first place. While there’s unfortunately no 100% guaranteed hiring method, there are several common hiring mistakes you can easily take steps to avoid:

1. Not Knowing What You Really Want
Whether you’re trying to hire an on-site or office worker, not knowing exactly what you need will throw a giant wrench into your hiring process and lead to you wasting time on too many inadequate applicants.

2. Not Properly Advertising the Position
You can’t hire the best person for the job, if the best person doesn’t know it’s available.

3. Interviewing Every Applicant
Interview only the best applicants. Don’t waste time with the “he’ll do’s.”

4. Unstructured and/or Subjective Interviews
While we’d all like to believe that “going with your gut” will always work out for the best, doing so during an interview often leads to the worst.

5. Not Having a Well-defined Hiring Process
The more you invest up front in defining what you want, sourcing solid candidates and screening them carefully, the more likely you'll hire the good ones.