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How contractors can improve efficiency & save costs with the right partnership

In construction, a reputation for efficiency can go a long way. It allows your business to move swiftly during projects, budget effectively and continue to have a consistent stream of revenue as you manage your jobs. For businesses that utilize rentals, there are a number of ways in which they can improve their efficiency throughout the rental process. From project forecasting to employee training, here is a list of strategies contractors can use to improve efficiency through their rental journey. 


Understand Your Rental Needs First 

The first and most important things to establish prior to renting any heavy machinery are your rental needs. The knowledge of the machine type, size, class and attachments is critical for efficiency, as it will be a headache if you’re not using the right machine for the job. Consider the scope of the project, the tasks involved and the individuals needed to run the machine you wish to rent. By delineating their needs comprehensively, contractors can make informed decisions about the type of heavy equipment required.


Consider Renting Long-Term

Long-term rentals can offer efficiency in more ways than you may think. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to rent for longer periods of time. Contractors who opt for extended rental periods are offered several advantages, including cost savings, stability in equipment availability and streamlined project planning. Moreover, having equipment consistently available throughout the project minimizes downtime associated with equipment turnover, ensuring a continuous and smooth workflow. Renting equipment doesn’t need to be your last resort, and taking advantage of longer renting periods will give your business more freedom with your use of the equipment. 


Look at Renting From a Marketplace 

Utilizing a rental marketplace is a great way for businesses to shop around, get the best deal and find a rental partner that can work within the terms of what they want. Platforms that work with rental companies in your area can compile cost comparisons and availability — if they have the integration to do so — and provide you with all the information needed online. Rental marketplaces offer efficiency by streamlining the rental research and putting together all the information you’ll need in one place. 


Prioritize Logistics 

Before you take possession of the machine, take the time to plan how your rental will work logistically. First, when you put your project timeline in place, ensure you are incorporating your rental equipment timelines. Make sure you’re accounting for the delivery and pickup of the machine in your planning. 

Logistics efficiency also extends beyond the rental process itself. Contractors should aim to optimize equipment utilization by carefully planning and scheduling tasks. In avoiding idle time, you are ensuring that each piece of machinery is utilized to its maximum potential. Coordinating with the operator schedules and focusing on time management of the machine use will also help boost efficiency.  


Check Out Rental Companies’ Reviews

Before you choose to rent, check out the reviews on a company. Knowing what you’ll be working with can be immensely helpful in the decision-making process. 


Communicate With Your Rental Provider 


Although it is unfortunate, it’s not unheard of for issues to arise when renting equipment. A piece of machinery could be faulty, the electrical could have a wiring issue or the hydraulics could have a maintenance issue. Regardless of the problem, it’s of the utmost importance to contact your rental provider immediately. The sooner you get in touch with them, the quicker the issue can be resolved — and your job can get back on track. It may seem to be standard practice, but prioritizing your communications will help more than you know. 


Check Out Specialized Equipment

In choosing to rent, contractors can experience new equipment and technologies they may not have access to otherwise. This tailored approach can significantly enhance task-specific performance, which will contractors to choose equipment finely tuned to the intricacies of each job they’re undertaking. Additionally, there are time-saving capabilities afforded by such specialized machinery. New equipment with technological advancements can enable contractors to finish their jobs more rapidly and accurately than their general-purpose counterparts. 

Overall, renting offers much in the way of efficiency for contractors for multiple reasons. The option of flexibility, cost saving, access to new and updated types of equipment, reduced maintenance burdens and ability to access specialized equipment are just a few of the ways in which contractors can benefit from the rental process. Being efficient is critical throughout the construction process as well as the rental process. This way, you’ll be able to meet your customer need and have continued success as a renter of equipment.