3 key benefits of on-board scales in construction & demolition waste disposal

Construction and demolition waste disposal companies are exposed to tough and harsh working conditions, and must have equipment that is capable of handling such adverse conditions. Knowing the territory is only half the battle when it comes to moving major loads on the jobsite, so it's important to work with reliable systems of weighing for load management.

On-board truck scales meet these requirements, offering efficient, accurate and reliable weighing solutions. On-board scales help in accurately weighing the finished goods, minimizing scrap, monitoring material input and maximizing investments. Read below to learn more about three key benefits of using on-board scales in construction and demolition waste disposal. 

1. Establish Credibility
Isn’t it annoying when someone gives you an approximate weight instead of giving the correct number to determine the weight of any material? Portable truck scales show you the weight of the load before the truck leaves the jobsite for disposal. This helps in confirming the weight, in terms of disposal fees, eliminating guesswork. With on-board truck scales, you can be totally transparent with the tonnage fees. This helps establish your credibility with the customers.

2. Increase Efficiency
On-board truck scales help optimize efficiency for various weighing and operating systems. You can track and determine the weight load of any material while they are being transported, minimizing the overall time and energy required to measure the payloads.

On-board scale systems can boast of limitless applications across various industries. For instance, specified on-board scales can be employed in waste management; in construction to accurately weigh materials at the jobsite; and farmers can eliminate certain steps in weighing during the harvest season.

Apart from increased efficiency, scales can help your company avoid overload fines or accidents, offering efficiency and reliability, and helping justify the initial investment in on-board truck scales. Weight is a critical compnent to any project, and on-board scales offer the accuracy and precision required to weigh different types of loads. Consider implementing a scale's efficiency and ease of use for a possible component on your truck.

3. Saves Time & Money
On-board truck scales can eliminate unnecessary steps, such as searching and driving to the nearest weigh station site. You can weigh loads directly from the vehicle, saving time, money, fuel and unnecessary travel.

On-board weighing capabilities help when the hauling volume is large. These scales ensure that a right amount of material is loaded onto vehicles. Overloading or underloading the vehicles equates to a loss of money. Overloading leads to fines and a risk of accidents, posing an immediate threat to the lives of drivers and those around them. Underloading means you are not utilizing the full capacity of the truck within a trip, requiring you to make more trips than usual.