Find out which of these trends could make or break your business
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Technology is transforming our industry. Do you know which tech trend could make or break your company’s strategies? Join us for this webinar to explore the possibilities of the top 7 tech trends in 2018, and learn how these technologies impact the way you:

  • Plan your company's digital roadmap
  • Enable your business processes
  • Efficiently grow your company
  • Increase connectivity and productivity

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Becky Wenger
Becky Wenger
Regional Marketing Manager
Procore Technologies, Inc.

Becky Wenger is the Regional Marketing Manager at Procore Technologies, Inc. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, she has developed solutions to help owners overcome the challenges, tough competition and daily pressures of running a construction business. In a market with growing technology demands, Wenger’s insight and keen eye in the field help business owners keep their companies on the cutting edge.

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