Business intelligence (BI) is a term that has become diluted through overuse, but its power to transform a company's performance is stronger than ever. This webinar will cover BI from the perspectives of people, process and technology, with an emphasis on how and why it’s becoming more important for contractors of all types and sizes to establish a BI strategy.

Topics we will cover:

  • Defining business intelligence
  • The role of BI in the construction industry
  • Technologies that enable BI
  • People & processes required to implement BI successfully
  • Use cases for BI in construction

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Wayne Newitts
Marketing Director
Dexter + Chaney

Wayne Newitts has spent the last 25 years delivering technology solutions for business. Working as a design engineer, project manager and now, as marketing director for Dexter + Chaney, Newitts has spent the majority of those years developing and providing software and information technology for both the telecommunications and construction industries. Newitts is an electrical engineer by education, earning a degree from Texas A&M University.