5 tweets to catch you up on this year's software user conference

Last week, Construction Business Owner Editor Kathy Wells and Account Executive Van Imbragulio traveled to Portland, Oregon, for Viewpoint Construction Software's annual user conference, Viewpoint Collaborate 2016. The conference provided three days of focused product sessions, breakouts and networking events, and shared a number of new product features and tools for better project control. This year, the conference hosted a record-breaking 1,700 attendees. Here are some highlights from conference events throughout the week:


1. Viewpoint Construction Software Chairman and CEO Manolis Kotzabasakis provided the conference welcome and shared his vision for Viewpoint today and in the future, with a revived focus on the customer experience.

2. Attendees learned that construction ranks low in digitization compared to other industries. Kotzabasakis and Senior VP of Products Matt Harris and VP of Product Development Dan Farner provided insights into methods for growth and where the construction industry can improve their own progress.

3. The exhibit hall housed 50 exhibitors with daily exhibitor hours, and a conference-wide exhibitor reception on Wednesday, providing attendees with even more information about the technology available to help them and their businesses.

4. Customer forum sessions provided users with an open discussion about the Viewpoint products they use. The sessions shared tips, benefits and challenges about the software, and gave session-goers the opportunity to share ideas, improve the user experience and connect with other users seeking similar software goals.

5. Viewpoint Construction Software’s Greg Fry and FMI consultant and CBO columnist Gregg Schoppman filmed the latest installment of Schopp Talk, a series of videos discussing the latest issues and challenges facing construction companies today. To watch, visit viewpoint.com/demos-info/videos.