Gregg Schoppman’s top insights & advice from 2016

FMI Consultant Gregg Schoppman specializes in the areas of productivity and project management. In Project Playbook, his monthly column in Construction Business Owner magazine, Schoppman provides solutions for back-office issues and management questions, insight into improving your business practices and more. In case you missed one, listed below are Schoppman’s columns from 2016. Use his timeless advice to help you make a plan for improving your business in 2017.

What Your Construction Business Can Learn from Starbucks

Finding consistency & creativity in standard operating procedures

Build a Stronger Marketing Message to Connect to Your Audience

Craft a better connection between your customers & the firm's strategic plan


Find the Right Talent for Your Business


Develop the right formula for becoming a talent magnet

3 Keys to Defining Company Values

Apply core values to resolve simple problems & determine business strategies

Fumbling the Preconstruction Handoff

Why planning teams should go beyond the checklist to prevent problems late in the game

Practical Performance Appraisals

How employee goal-setting exercises can drive team accomplishments

Create a Practical & Innovative In-House Training Program

Start an builders' university within your firm to retain and develop future leaders

Should You Bid or Should You Go?


How to develop a winning go/no-go project selection strategy & scorecard

Examining Business in a World Where Everyone Is a Winner

How to make this mindset work in your firm

Who Will Run Your Business When You Are Gone?

Make deliberate preparations for your company’s next successor

Why You Should Rethink Your Organizational Chart

How to correct the ineffectiveness of this company mainstay

5 Words to Guide Your Company to a Lean State of Mind

Demystifying lean construction