George Hedley's Top Tips in 2015
Expert business coaching advice to get your company working for you

In 2015, George Hedley focused on personalizing your company to operate at optimum levels of efficiency, while also valuing your employees and maximizing training opportunities. In case you missed one of his monthly columns, here's a recap to refer back to as you begin to reshape your company and its culture in 2016. 

1. How to Become a High-Margin Contractor 

Prioritize daily tasks to help increase your business’s profitability 

2. Put Your Business to the Test

Gauge your readiness to grow and profit by coming to terms with the truth

3. 9 Secrets to Retaining Good Employees


How to engage current workers and draw future applicants 

4. Improve Project Estimates

How your company can estimate fewer jobs to win more work

5. The Checklist You Need To Run a Successful Business

Gauge where your company stands in key areas of success with this tool

6. Get Your People to Do Things Right

5 steps to building an accountable and responsible team 

7. Put the Right Players in the Right Positions

Make difficult decisions now for higher profits later 

8. Your Guide to Improving Your Change Order Requests


Are you OK with doing free work?

9. Build Your Business Blueprint

12 steps to implement your best action plan

10. Put Top Priorities First

Act now to accomplish your goals and get the business you want 

11. Start at the Top

Stop making excuses and focus on finding solutions to recurring problems 

12. Tough Guys Finish First

Stand up for your rights under a project contract



George Hedley works with contractors to build profitable, growing companies. He is a professional construction business coach, popular speaker and best-selling author of Get Your Construction Business to Grow & Profit!, which is available online at Hardhat Presentations. To sign up for his free monthly e-newsletter, get involved in a BIZCOACH program or get a discount for online classes at Hardhat Biz School, email