Strategies for improving time management so you can focus on profitability

Contractors have to be able to multitask to stay in business. Sometimes, however, so many things are going on simultaneously that it’s difficult to determine where time is best spent. Nels Solum of Solum Construction LLC asks the following question:

What steps can I take to make sure I am managing my time properly?

Mark Metille
M2 PEO Solutions

“Two key factors drive most all owners’ daily routines: profitability and productivity. We recommend owners use a professional employer organization (PEO) to save them time and money in dealing with many of the costly and time-consuming but non-revenue-generating tasks that it takes to run their businesses. Owners who partner with a PEO have help solving employment problems in the areas of payroll, workers’ comp, human resources, safety and benefits administration. They are more efficient because they can focus on their core competencies rather than all the ‘paper pushing’ that is required by law to run their businesses.”

Jonathan Goldhill
Head Coach and Founder
The Goldhill Group

“To be an effective time manager, you need several systems to track your priorities for the day, week, quarter and year. These systems should contain your calendar and priority ‘to-do’ items and your goals and objectives. Set and review your personal and business’s strategic goals on a quarterly basis. Evaluate your daily priorities at the start of each work week and day by identifying the two or three most important projects you need to focus on this week. Then, list the three to five things you must do to move each project forward. Then, list the priorities and ‘to-do’ items, including people you need to reach that day and what must be accomplished. Do these before getting trapped in your email inbox or other people’s agendas.”

Alfredo Jaime
Partner and Co-founder
Jaime Partners

“Mastering the art of multitasking is central to time management, especially when managing multiple projects at once. Map out a detailed timeline of all active projects to keep a clear understanding of all proposed completion dates. We are constantly aware of the priorities and deadlines at hand and make sure to delegate the work accordingly. As project managers, we have to take responsibilities from all sides of the project to turn it into a cohesive plan. We operate like a machine. As long as everyone does their job accurately, we run smoothly, and our efficiency and productivity is maximized.”