Miami, Florida (May 21, 2019)—Virgin Trains U.S.A., formerly Brightline, has announced the rail construction contractors for Phase 2 expansion between Orlando and South Florida, representing a total private investment of $4 billion.

Phase 2 contractors are the Hubbard Construction Company, Wharton-Smith Inc., The Middlesex Corporation, Granite and HSR Constructors. These five contractors will be responsible for the development of 170 miles of new track into the completed state-of-the-art intermodal facility located in the new South Terminal at the Orlando International Airport (OIA). Construction of Phase 2 encompasses four zones, with Zone One and Zone Two work beginning May 21, which includes the area of the OIA and the Virgin Trains maintenance facility.

Full-scale construction on Zone Three and Zone Four is imminent. This monumental infrastructure project will include the laying of 490,000 ties and transporting 2.35 million tons of granite and limestone by 20,000 railcars. Additionally, approximately two million spikes and bolts will be hammered and put in place over the next 36 months. During this process, Virgin Trains U.S.A. Phase 2 will generate more than 10,000 jobs and over $650 million in federal, state and local tax revenue.

Phase 2 Construction by the Numbers
Construction will be conducted in four zones between Orlando and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Zone One is comprised of approximately 70 acres located 1 mile south of OIA and will be overseen by Hubbard Construction Company and Wharton-Smith Inc. Virgin Trains U.S.A.enlisted Hubbard to perform the land clearing, force main relocation, mass earthwork,including surcharging for the vehicle maintenance facility,to be located just south of the OIA.

Hubbard Construction Company is a century old Central Florida based General Contractor specializing in complex highway projects, site development, bridges, asphalt paving and utilities.

Zone Two is a 3.5-mile section in the heart of OIA. Middlesex is an integral part of Virgin Trains U.S.A.’s expansion construction and the company’s scope of work will include clearing land, building drainage structures and pump stations, utility relocation, excavation and rail bed embankment, trench and bridge construction, track and signalization installation, and reconstruction of one of the airport interchanges.

The Middlesex Corporation designs, builds and reconstructs highways, bridges, marine, rail and transit facilities and provides midstream gas and electrical transmission/distribution construction services.  

Zone Three is approximately 35 miles of rail alignment following the Highway 528 corridor between OIA and Cocoa. Virgin Trains U.S.A. has contracted with Granite Construction Company for approximately 300,000 cubic yards of excavation, 5.4 million cubic yards of embankment fill, 865,000 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall, 100,000 lineal feet of piling, 18 new bridges, three underpasses, drainage installations, track and signalization installation, and 60 track miles of Class VII rail construction.

Granite is a full-suite provider in the transportation, water infrastructure and mineral exploration markets.

Zone Four includes the upgrade of 129 miles of existing track from Class IV to Class VI (allowing service up to 110 mph). Virgin Trains U.S.A. has contracted with HSR Constructors for most of the work within this zone, including the shift of 56 miles of existing track, the construction of 100 miles of new Class VI track within the existing right of way, the rehabilitation of 28 miles of existing sidings, the installation of approximately 40 new turnouts and crossovers and relocation of another 40, the relocation of fiber duct, the installation of new signal systems, the construction of second main track, modification/replacement of surfaces and the upgrade of crossing signal protection at 155 locations, and the replacement of 19 bridges. 

HSR Constructors is a joint venture of three railroad and transit contractors: Herzog, Stacy and Witbeck and Railworks. Herzog is a national rail industry company offering public and private entities turnkey solutions and services for the construction, operations and maintenance of commuter rail, light rail transit, streetcar and freight rail systems.

Construction is expected to be to be complete,and service will begin between South Florida and Orlando in 2022. For more information, visit