CINCINNATI (April 8, 2024) — Stack Construction Technologies, a cloud-based construction software platform, announced the launch of Stack Assist, its newest artificial intelligence (AI) functionality automating takeoff tools for contractors. The new component will first incorporate floor plan focused utility, powered by AI software and new integration partner, Workpack. This new development aims to further improve the preconstruction process with increased time-savings, efficiency and opportunity for business growth.

AI is leading the conversation across the construction industry and as contractors seek new ways to improve efficiency and productivity, they’re turning to automated processes that eliminate the need for time-consuming manual work. Stack Assist uses machine learning to automatically measure floor plan items such as walls, doors, rooms and symbols. With Workpack’s fast, automated takeoffs built into the Stack platform, contractors have a time-savings projection of 50% to 90%. Less time clicking and measuring means more time to focus on evaluating projects, increasing bid output, and winning more profitable projects by leveraging powerful, native software capabilities.

Stack Assist will allow contractors to use measurements specific to the trades they need, and AI will perform takeoff and counts automatically. The time savings allow estimators to focus attention on estimate details to ensure accurate, winning bids. Stack will continue to invest in research and development staff to focus on different ways AI can improve the customer experience.