Cincinnati, Ohio (May 25, 2023) — Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools (SENCO), a global provider of fasteners and power fastening tools, has announced the opening of its official global headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The newly renovated facility will bring employees from all Senco divisions under the same roof, allowing closer collaboration and improved quality control, as well as fostering innovation.

The grand opening follows an extensive expansion and renovation of the company’s production facility that began in 2021. Prior to completion, the 500,000-square-foot facility was home to Senco’s manufacturing plant, where Senco nails and staples have been made since the 1970s, as well as the company’s engineering and product management teams.

The renovation project added 32,000 square feet of new office space for business operations staff, including executive, sales, marketing and administrative teams. Senco employs 400 American workers, approximately 80% of whom are now headquartered at the new facility.

The facility also features 8,000 square feet of newly renovated and optimized manufacturing space, including a dedicated assembly line for Senco’s new built-in-the-USA pneumatic framing nailers — the  FN81T1 and FN91T. 

Kyocera Corporation, of Kyoto, Japan, acquired Senco in 2017 and has invested millions of dollars in the Cincinnati facility to support manufacturing equipment and research and development projects over the past four years.

The construction project began in January 2022 and was recently completed with all Cincinnati-based employees now working from the updated facility. Besides office and manufacturing space, the new facility is designed to have a campus-like atmosphere that inspires employees’ personal and professional development and engagement. It includes a cafeteria serving hot meals and a dedicated training, product education and innovation center.

A grand opening ceremony was held on May 25. Visit