Agreement delivers enhanced, integrated cloud-based solutions for subcontractor market

BEAVERTON, OREGON & SAN DIEGO  (March 10, 2016) — Sage North America and eSUB Construction Software announced an agreement to deliver greater integration between “best of breed” cloud-based project management and accounting solutions for construction subcontractors. The integration will help eliminate duplicate data entry and enable seamless communication between the field and back office.

The agreement is a union between two companies offering market-leading solutions in accounting and cloud-based project management for contractors specializing in electrical, mechanical, HVAC, framing, concrete, drywall, masonry, steel erection and many other types of work across the construction marketplace. Most subcontractors agree that improved communication between the financial and operational sides of their businesses is critical for better decision making, greater efficiency both in the office and the jobsite, and higher profits. Yet the software systems used by their office and field staff often don’t “talk.”

Improving the integration between the eSUB and Sage software systems helps remedy this issue, which many contractors face. eSUB and Sage have teamed up to continue the mission to provide #somethingforthefield and something for the office – seamlessly bridged for specialty contractors to maximize business results. Through the integration, information such as current job costs, committed costs and change orders will be available in real time and readily accessed anywhere. This will allow project managers to more tightly manage project costs. The integration will be available for both Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor.



“Cloud-based project management is radically changing the construction industry as subcontractors place new demands on mobility and capabilities to increase profitability,” said Wendy Rogers, president and CEO, eSUB Construction Software. “In partnership with Sage, we are embracing this new opportunity to change the industry and deliver end-to-end value to clients.”

"The eSUB project management system truly addresses the unique needs of subcontractors who have the majority of their staff in the field,” said Jon Witty, vice president and general manager for Sage Construction and Real Estate solutions. “This partnership will give those field workers the information they need to keep projects running smoothly while also saving time for office staff.”

Sage also recently announced Sage Construction Project Center, a cloud-based collaboration system for general contractors. “We also foresee our relationship with eSUB as a way to help support greater collaboration between GCs and subcontractors through our technology solutions,” added Witty. Both Sage and eSUB Construction Software are active members of COSA (Construction Open Software Alliance), dedicated to supporting interoperability standards across the entire construction industry.

Within the next couple of months, Sage and eSUB Construction Software will be announcing more details related to products released to the marketplace. Many of these solutions will be featured at Sage Summit, the world’s largest gathering of small and medium businesses, being held in Chicago July 25-28, 2016.

For more information, visit eSUB Construction Software or Sage North America