San Francisco, California (December 18, 2018)—Construction isn’t just about the finished product. A building takes every team member, each process and tool and even down to the single nails to make it complete. To celebrate every component (small and large) that contribute to a project, PlanGrid highlights the talents and beauty behind construction in their annual photo contest. 

PlanGrid's “Behind the Build” series sheds light on individual experiences from builders themselves. While the stories are unique, one common thread remains; it takes incredible people behind a project to make it successful. The Axe contest is a yearly PlanGrid tradition to compete for the ultimate prize: a Best Made axe.

To enter, industry professionals must share photos of projects and the people behind them, showing off what they’ve built together with PlanGrid. And the 5th Annual Axe Contest is officially open.

5th Annual Axe Contest Categories 
Whether it’s capturing individual workers, your team on a jobsite or the finished project itself, PlanGrid wants you to show what’s behind your project–from plan to completion. Following this year’s theme, “Behind the Build,” two categories are open for submissions:

  • Picture Perfect—Submissions to this category include new and innovative designs stunningly executed.
  • Day in the Life—Submissions to this category highlight the collaboration and camaraderie that exists on construction teams.

The Prizes
In total, 10 of the best submissions will win a prize this year: 

  • (2) 1st Place Winners across each category will receive the PlanGrid Axe
  • (4) Finalists for each category will receive PlanGrid Hatchets

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