Vroozi, the intelligent procure-to-pay platform, has announced that Modern Niagara, a multi-trade contractor and building solutions company in Canada, will partner with Vroozi to simplify their procurement process while providing central procurement teams with complete control and visibility. With the initial goals of reducing manual work, price compliance, invoice matching and tracking spend to realize cost savings opportunities, Modern Niagara realized the potential of modernizing the procure-to-pay process within the construction industry upon deeper understanding of Vroozi’s easy-to-use procurement platform.

Modern Niagara specializes in constructing state-of-the-art buildings with a unique approach. By preassembling essential components, such as pipes and sheet metal, in their expansive warehouses, Modern Niagara improves construction efficiency and expedites project timelines. However, as most construction companies experience, challenges often arise when it comes to procuring essential materials for construction projects and managing on-site inventory. Recognizing this hurdle, Modern Niagara sought a forward-thinking solution that would simplify the procurement process and provide more visibility into spend across their jobsites. The company found the ideal partner in Vroozi, whose intuitive platform offers a mobile interface that eliminates the need for extensive technical know-how and exposes cost savings opportunities by project.

The collaboration between Vroozi and Modern Niagara signifies a leap forward in digitizing procurement and payments processes within the construction industry. With Vroozi, field employees have platform access from any device, ensuring efficient purchasing of crucial materials. By simplifying purchasing, enabling cost control, and empowering central procurement teams, both companies are poised to revolutionize how materials are acquired for construction projects.

Modern Niagara is one of Canada's largest national mechanical, electrical, building services, and integrated building technology contractors that delivers to its clients a broad spectrum of services and offerings, including GHG reduction solutions for existing buildings as well as new construction. Modern Niagara is committed to optimizing building performance and increasing efficiency, by helping to design, build and maintain some of the most prominent infrastructures across Canada. Visit modernniagara.com.

Vroozi is a business spend management, marketplace and accounts payable invoice automation platform for mid-market and enterprise organizations. Vroozi’s SpendTech platform digitizes the procurement and vendor invoice management processes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to intelligently orchestrate business processes while bringing powerful, enterprise-grade functionality to companies of all sizes. Vroozi is designed for companies who want to manage all of their spend, drive end-user adoption with their employees, connect digitally with their suppliers, and maintain spend and payments visibility from anywhere, at any time. Visit vroozi.com.