BOSTON (November 7, 2017) —  For 30 years, architects and engineers have trusted the MasterSpec content developed by the deeply experienced specification writers at ARCOM. ARCOM is proud to build on this strong foundation by unveiling a new brand and vision to serve the AECO community in the digitally connected future.

Meet Avitru, committed to helping construct a world where better building leads to better lives. The name is inspired by the Roman master builder, Marcus Vitruvius, whose treatise on architecture notably espoused the virtues of function, strength and beauty. While that is an ancient reference, Avitru will provide a thoroughly modern software platform to harness and share the collective knowledge and expertise that will enable better building.

"Innovation in today's world doesn't happen in silos," said Jim Contardi, CEO of Avitru. "You see it when people come together to collaborate, improve on ideas and share. Design and construction is incredibly complex and requires the knowledge that comes from experience and diverse points of view. We will use our position as trusted specification experts to deliver a technology platform that captures and leverages this wisdom to help our users make better decisions.

Avitru and the AIA remain committed to their longstanding partnership. Together, they will continue to offer MasterSpec the industry's most trusted and used guide for building specifications. MasterSpec is used by 22 of the top 25 Architectural and Engineering firms, and thousands of national, regional and specialist firms.

"Avitru, formerly known as ARCOM, has a long history of providing leadership in the architecture and building design industry through delivery of MasterSpec, a product created by AIA for its members," said Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of AIA. "We are very confident in the capabilities and expertise of the Avitru team as they continue to define our mutual legacy of helping architects succeed."

For more information, visit Avitru.