Lytx has announced a new, pre-built integration with Fleetio, a web- and mobile-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, designed to help fleets automate their operations and keep their vehicles and equipment running smoothly. Clients now have expanded capabilities as Lytx’s video safety and video telematics technology is linked with Fleetio’s advanced vehicle health life cycle and maintenance program.

The Lytx and Fleetio data integration helps fleet managers quickly see and fix problems when they happen and anticipate upcoming maintenance needs. This helps vehicles run longer and more efficiently so managers can focus on other operational priorities. Designed to help fleets better control maintenance costs and understand utilization, the integration between Lytx and Fleetio also generates insightful data at each step of the process.

Integration benefits

  • Easy setup with a pre-built data connector and Lytx’s technical support team available to ensure a smooth implementation and onboarding process
  • Increased (and earlier) visibility of problems by immediately being able to view Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) in Fleetio (subject to network connectivity). DTCs, also referred to as engine fault codes, are used to identify and diagnose malfunctions in a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment and can be used to create work orders and more.
  • Reduced downtime by automatically tracking vehicle mileage and asset utilization with daily odometer readings that trigger service notifications at specified intervals.
  • More efficiency and less manual processes with customizable triggers, thresholds, escalation paths and maintenance workflows.
  • Better, actionable data when odometer readings and DTCs are transformed into utilization insights and maintenance trends.


Integration Details

Alone, Fleetio's platform offers maintenance workflows to trigger work orders, parts and inventory ordering, inspections and more. The new integration shares data between the Lytx Vision Platform and Fleetio’s software, where connected devices send valuable fleet tracking data directly to a client’s Fleetio account to initiate these workflows.

More specifically, Lytx DriveCam devices transmit odometer and DTC data to a client’s Fleetio account. DTCs immediately create “fault codes” in Fleetio, which trigger client-configured maintenance and escalation workflows. Odometer readings are transmitted daily and are analyzed in Fleetio to monitor utilization, create service reminders, and more.

Currently, the Lytx and Fleetio data integration offers DTCs and other odometer data, with new insights planned for engine hours, vehicle location, and more this year.


Implementing the Lytx & Fleetio Data Integration

The Lytx and Fleetio data connector is pre-built, meaning there is minimal workload on a fleet’s IT team, and implementation is easy and fast. Lytx’s technical support team is available to ensure a smooth implementation and onboarding process. Once integrated, clients can simply “flip a switch” to instantly leverage Lytx data within the Fleetio application.

Lytx integrations are based on 25 years of experience in developing video and telematics technology and designing for ease of integration and enterprise scale. We’re here to help our clients every step of the way should they need any assistance and they can work directly with Lytx Technical Support to ensure successful integrations.

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