ANAHEIM, Calif —  Hino Trucks has signed a distribution agreement with Hexagon Purus to exclusively distribute a complete battery electric tractor. This tractor will utilize Hexagon Purus’ proprietary zero-emission technology, including battery systems, auxiliary modules, power modules and the vehicle-level software and is developed to operate on Hino’s XL 4x2 tractor cab chassis.


During the ACT Expo Show, Hino Trucks displayed an early development prototype of this said vehicle. Production of this electric heavy-duty model tractor is projected to begin the last part of 2024 and will be distributed & serviced exclusively through select qualifying dealers within Hino Trucks’ U.S. network.


Glenn Ellis, President of Hino Trucks, said, “Earlier this year, we debuted two new electric vehicles — the Hino Class 5 M5e cab over and Class 6 L6e conventional model. Recent regulations address the need for further reductions in emissions for the transportation sector in the U.S. and will ultimately drive future demand for several classes of zero-emissions commercial vehicles. Our exclusive distribution agreement with Hexagon Purus expands Hino Trucks’ capability to distribute battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in both the medium- and heavy-duty space as we continue to invest in BEV adoption as the landscape continues to evolve.”


These new BEVs produced by Hexagon Purus will have the same proven reliability and features that customers expect from Hino Trucks including superior cab visibility and advanced frame strength all through select qualifying dealers within Hino Truck’s distribution network including after sales service and warranty. While production specifications are not yet released, targeted applications will see a full day’s use on a single charge.


“Hino has been an important zero-emission technology development partner for Hexagon Purus in North America for several years, and as a development partner in Hino’s Battery Electric Vehicle program, we are thrilled to continue building on that strong relationship in the years to come,” says Todd Sloan, executive vice president of Hexagon Purus.