SAUK CENTRE, Minn. (May 21, 2024) — Laurie Engle, Felling Trailers’ inside trailer sales consultant, is retiring after 32 years. In the fall of 1991,Merle and Kathy Felling (founders of Felling Trailers) were in the midst of an office expansion. The local contractor running the expansion was Engle’s husband. Like in many family-owned businesses, Engle was lending a hand to complete the project, working on painting and staining. “I was painting in the office one day, and the phones were ringing off the hook. I asked the secretary at the time if they (Felling) ever needed help answering phone calls, and she replied, ‘Sure do,’” said Engle. Not knowing much about trailers but willing to learn, she spoke with Merle later that day and expressed her interest in working for Felling Trailers. After a bit of conversation, Merle said, "Yes, certainly, but we'll start you off in the parts room, selling axles, brakes, sheet steel, etc., then transition into trailer sales.” Merle believed strongly that having a good foundation of knowledge about the components and construction of a trailer makes for a better salesperson. "That was the best thing he ever did! Within six months, I sold my first trailer to Landscape Designs out of Alexandria, Minnesota, and when I was asked about the components on the trailer, I had the answers right away with my experience in parts sales,” said Laurie.

In the early ’90's, Felling Trailers did not have the extensive dealer network it does today; with a few dealers in the upper Midwest, Felling sold directly to end users. “We also sold livestock/horse and enclosed cargo trailers at that time. We were very busy; my phone was ringing off the hook. I've never looked back. Over the years, our product line grew dramatically; we now have 240-plus trailer models compared to the 8-10 different models we once offered. We never turned down a trailer deal, though; if a customer/dealer wanted something longer, shorter, taller or different material, we'd make it happen," said Engle.

Through the years, Engle has built many working relationships with dealers and customers, solving transport problems other manufacturers said were unsolvable. Felling's Trailer Experts (sales team) work with dealers/customers to configure a trailer to meet the desired specifications and provide a custom solution.

Passing on a few words of adviceto those who follow, Engle said, "Work hard, no matter what your job is, whether it's on the phone getting the next sale or doing a fantastic job welding, painting or finishing a trailer."