Atlanta, Georgia (Sept. 05, 2019)—EquipmentWatch, provider of data, software and insights for the heavy equipment industry, has announced the addition of integrated currency conversions for its industry leading web application.

“We recognize that many of our customers and prospects do business in multiple countries, even across borders,” says James Hamilton, head of product at EquipmentWatch. “This feature allows users to set a default currency accordingly and eliminates the need for additional post analysis conversions. For example, our customers in Canada can choose to see their valuations in Canadian dollars and our customers in Mexico can see theirs in pesos.”

Multiple Currencies Available Now
In addition to United States dollars (USD $), the first denominations available are Canadian dollars (CAD $), pounds sterling (GBP £), Mexican pesos (MXN $), euros (EUR €) and Australian dollars (AUD $). More currencies will be added based on customer feedback.


“These new currency options cover all the values our customers demand,” continues Hamilton. “From ownership and operating costs, to rental rates and asset values, everywhere a monetary value is provided you see your choice of currency.”

Greater Flexibility & Convenience
The need for an integrated currency converter surfaced through EquipmentWatch’s extensive customer engagement process. User feedback indicated this currency option would provide greater ease of use for native currencies and provide flexibility to operate across borders.  

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