Las Vegas, Nevada (December 27, 2018)—Earth Gen-Biofuel (EarthGen) has announced that it received a purchase order for 300 of its park model homes for delivery, starting in the first quarter of 2019.

Earth Gen and International Housing Concepts (IHC), an operating division of Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc., received a formal purchase agreement from Hope Valley Resorts in Oregon. The purchase agreement calls for the purchase of 300 park model homes that will accommodate the expansion of Hope Valley Resorts existing 100-home community.

Chief Executive Officer Robert Hayes stated, “Working with Hope Valley Resorts is an opportunity for Earth Gen and IHC to have a long-term purchase agreement to support our manufacturing process for park model homes. We are starting the production of the 300 homes, which are a unique design, to meet the needs of the Hope Valley Resorts community. Earth Gen is receiving a series of substantial production deposit payments according to the terms of the purchase agreement's specific design requirements."

To accommodate the needs of dedicated production facilities, IHC is using a combination of a subcontractor and its own production facility to produce the homes purchased by Hope Valley Resorts. IHC is in the process of provisioning facilities to meet the 10 to 20-units-a-month delivery schedule for Hope Valley Resorts and providing production capacity to support additional similar purchase agreements.

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