Now being published weekly, theHuddle is your 4-minute guide to the construction industry

Construction Business Owner, the leading business magazine for contractors, is pleased to announce the newest product in its media product lineup, theHuddle newsletter, is now weekly.

Launched this year, theHuddle summarizes top construction news from across the industry in one, concise newsletter you can read in 4 minutes or less. And it now comes to your inbox every Wednesday. Here’s what you will find in theHuddle: 

  • Top construction news written in a conversational tone
  • Merger and acquisition announcements
  • New hires and promotions
  • Tech trends you should watch
  • Exclusive interviews on current events with industry experts

And the best part about theHuddle? It’s easy to digest. It’s our goal to make theHuddle feel like you’re catching up with a friend over coffee—and this friend is intelligent, always relevant, and just happens to eat, sleep and breathe construction. You control the amount of information you get, too. Our newsletter provides you with the information you need to know, but we also link to other reliable news sources for easy access to more information.

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