MONTREAL (April 10, 2024) — CM Labs Simulations, a vendor for simulation-based training in the construction, utilities and ports industries, announced the launch of the Earthmoving Fault Injection feature for its training management tool, Intellia Instructor.

“Fault injection for earthmoving equipment joins our fault injection for cranes as well as triggered weather events. This is a really powerful trio in Intellia Instructor and is a unique way to train operators for risky situations impossible to safely recreate with actual equipment,” said Davis Sieu, product manager for CM Labs’ earthmoving training.

Operators must use their judgment to solve operating challenges in the virtual worksite, translating to real-world critical thinking skills. The result: more impactful training sessions where operators sharpen their situational awareness, master equipment control and refine their manual dexterity while navigating through equipment malfunctions or distractions.

The triggered events realistically affect safety violations or efficiencies. Distracting sounds, such as an emergency vehicle siren or a ringing cellphone, can lead to operator errors. With a flat tire, pressure or tire stiffness is lost, affecting the vehicle and ultimately affecting productivity. Weather faults — like zero visibility — require operators to learn to follow verbal instructions from their trainers or face serious safety issues while operating equipment. This is all possible due to CM Labs’ proprietary core technology.

This approach not only prepares novice operators for unexpected situations but also improves their safety on the worksite, making it an indispensable tool in the construction industry.

Earlier this year, CM Labs launched Intellia Instructor — the next evolutionary step in simulation training. Designed to empower organizations to scale their training, it includes sophisticated report generation, customizable learning paths, live faults and weather challenges, and streamlined administrative functions. Uncoupled and untethered from a teaching station, instructors can support multiple trainees in real time via a tablet while closely monitoring each individual's performance.