ClearSpan Structures has quickly adjusted their manufacturing facility to provide governments, medical centers and communities with rapidly deployable disaster response structures and medical buildings. ClearSpan is now able to ship these buildings in fewer than 24 hours.

The versatility of these structures makes them ideal for temporary medical facilities, drive through COVID-19 testing and temporary emergency housing. Those that need a building are urged to call Geoff Ching at 860-930-0126.

ClearSpan buildings have a number of features that make them an ideal choice for disaster response. Besides having a 24 hour ship time, the structures have minimal foundation requirements. ClearSpan offers numerous foundation options, but the Helical Anchoring System and Epoxy Anchoring System are the two options that best fit disaster and pandemic response applications.



Helical Anchors drill directly into the ground, creating a secure foundation that allows the structure to be built just about anywhere. The Epoxy Anchoring System is ideal for buildings that need to be constructed on an existing foundation or concrete pad.

Both foundations can be permanent or temporary, and they are an environmentally friendly option that won’t disturb the surrounding environment after they are removed. These buildings are also an exceptional option for communities, because they can be easily relocated and repurposed for numerous municipal applications.