Washington, D.C., (May 13, 2019)—For week 3 of Building Safety Month, the International Code Council (ICC) will draw attention to the need for clean, abundant water for all communities. Worldwide, up to 844 million people lack access to this vital resource. One way to make this commodity more available to all communities is to implement and maintain the most up-to-date plumbing codes.

Severe droughts in areas, such as California, have led to an increasing focus on water efficiency and the implementation of water-conservation rules. These rules were based partially on irrigation standards produced and developed by the ICC. In addition to adhering to the most modern plumbing codes, communities can take steps to conserve water, including identifying locations where water demand and pressure can be reduced, planting drought-tolerant plants and limiting turf grass to 25% of landscaping, and aggressively finding and repairing leaks.

“Water is a precious resource, and everyone should be able to feel confident that their water is safe,” said ICC Chief Executive and Chief Business Officer Officer, Dominic Sims. “The International Plumbing Code plays a huge role in ensuring that you can turn on your tap and draw clean, sufficient water and advances in efficient technologies result in saving millions of gallons of water every year.”


The ICC and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) have teamed up for a special edition of the ICC Pulse Podcast, released today in honor of Building Safety Month. RESTalk host Bill Spohn interviews RESNET Program Director, Ryan Meres, and ICC Executive Director of Sustainability Programs, Dave Walls, for an episode on the new water-ratings standard, water efficiency and conservation. 

For more information, visit iccsafe.org.