Des Moines, Iowa (Aug. 6, 2019)—Arcoro, a provider of human resources management (HR) solutions for high risk industries, has announced its new partnership with assistive intelligence platform, Paradox. Paradox’s flagship product, Olivia, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recruiting assistant that enables Arcoro’s clients the ability to automate text and web-based communications throughout the recruiting process.

HR teams can use Arcoro’s BirdDogHR Recruiting AI and Texting—powered by Paradox—to save time on their administrative recruiting needs and provide a welcoming, seamless candidate experience. The capabilities of Olivia include answering questions, prescreening candidates, scheduling interviews and more. Olivia can also assist current employees with candidate referrals and answering questions. As Olivia learns more about the company she is recruiting for, her response capabilities expand. 

Olivia will act as a chat assistant on customers’ career pages, social media and anywhere else their employer brand exists online, as well as via SMS text messages. BirdDogHR customers can use Olivia alongside their applicant tracking system (ATS) to decrease time-to-hire and increase interview show rates.

“HR teams play an essential role within organizations by finding, developing and retaining top talent, but the administrative work can be overwhelming,” said Aaron Matos, Paradox Founder and CEO. “We’re excited that Olivia can now assist BirdDogHR customers by easing some of the administrative tasks that can keep HR teams from more strategic work.”

“AI technology will help our customers learn more about their candidate demographics so they can create more strategic and proactive recruiting processes,” said Todd Skokan, president and chief executive officer of BirdDogHR. “We’re thrilled to introduce Olivia’s capabilities to our customers.”

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