SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Feb. 12, 2024)   Arcoro, a provider of human resources (HR) management solutions for the construction industry, announced it is launching a new relationship with ABC Insurance Trust. The arrangement will help construction companies offer and administer high-quality benefits both affordably and effectively.

Under the arrangement, Arcoro — whose solutions are designed specifically for construction — will be the HR information system (HRIS) of choice for companies served by the ABC Insurance Trust. For Arcoro customers that are also ABC members, the ABC Insurance Trust can provide access to its unique proprietary plans, customer service and commitment to helping companies improve their benefits offerings. 

Companies using ABC Insurance Trust often realize immediate cost savings that can be applied to enhance benefits administration or add other HR technology solutions. 

“By partnering with Arcoro, we can offer our customers access to construction-specific HR software solutions, including a benefits platform,” says Adam Bonsky, president and CEO at ABC Insurance Trust. “Our goal is to help companies get the most from their benefits spend —from the design to the delivery.” 

A rapidly growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, Arcoro offers modular HR solutions for the construction and contracting industries. The company’s product suite and software platform offer end-to-end HR functionality to help drive business outcomes. With Arcoro’s flexible solutions, customers select the modules that meet their needs for talent acquisition, talent management, core HR, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking and more.

ABC Insurance Trust and its subsidiary ABC Insurance Services Inc. provide employee benefits, plans and services to ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) member companies and chapters. The Trust has more than 60 years of experience helping construction companies navigate the ever-changing benefits landscape. The Trust staff includes noted experts on employee benefit design, compliance, prevailing wage regulations and other benefits issues that impact the construction industry.

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