What do your marketing materials tell customers about your company?
To stand out in the industry, construction business owners must be actively involved in marketing to make a lasting impression with current and potential customers. Different tools can be used to get the message out, including a memorable logo and slogan, a strong website, eye-catching print materials and a visible trade show display. Sometimes, these tools intimidate business owners, but most strategies are not difficult to implement.


Construction Business Logo and Slogan

Your logo is often the first impression given by your company. It must be eye-catching, authentic and easily understood. It also must be meaningful and should artistically convey your brand.

A slogan should be unique, communicating in as few words as possible exactly what your company does. To create a slogan, brainstorm with your employees. What is your vision and mission? What do you want to be known for? What words come to mind when you think of your company? Describe what your company does best in a six words or less.

Also, be sure your stationery and business cards display your logo and slogan.

Construction Company Website and Social Media

Your business website must be modern, offering an inviting, invigorating and informative portal to potential clients, job seekers and community members wanting to know more about your company. It will serve as one of your company’s best sales tools if executed well.
Your site’s home page should have a strongly written overview. Also, draw visitors to your site by offering multiple entry points—post a short and powerful video, a Q & A with the company’s CEO and/or time-lapse photography of a recent project. A short, high-impact and informative video shows your target audience who you are instead of just telling them. Ask clients to give on-camera testimonials, and showcase projects completed by your company. Case studies are a perfect way to show visitors your completed construction projects.
The site should be built with a user-friendly content management system that will allow designated employees to easily make edits, additions and/or deletions. Regular website updates show the company is interested in keeping customers and the public updated on the latest happening.

Once you have a website, take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is a process of adjusting your website’s content, structure, etc., to get your website positioned prominently in the search engines.

Optimizing a website involves using keywords. Brainstorm the keywords most relevant to your business. What services do you offer that people will search for online? One word of warning about SEO: It is a work-in-progress, not a once-and-done project. Reevaluate keywords every three to six months.

To complement your website, get involved in social media. Are you effectively and regularly using this to promote your business? Do you have a social media plan? If so, your company’s social media activities should link to your site. Social media is a great way to connect with customers and the public, but it does not replace in-person networking.

Print Materials

Authentic, memorable and informative print marketing materials, such as advertising campaigns, brochures and direct mail, set your company apart. Make a mark with materials that are visually appealing, concise and easy-to-read. These materials, like your other marketing pieces, are an important recruitment tool as well.

Advertising campaigns, whether they are online, broadcasted or in print, provide an opportunity to reach a targeted audience. The finely-tuned targeting methods of online advertising provide an increasingly popular way to get your message out to the right audience. It also is one of the most cost-effective means of advertising.

Brochures are a great way to leave the most relevant information about your company with a prospective client or employee. Feature your company’s most important aspects and impressive projects in a well-designed piece. If you are unsure what to include, think about your website. The print materials should be branded the same way.

A direct-mail campaign will target potential clients, with the intention of driving them to the website to learn more about your business. Send intriguing, clever mailings and personalized letters to get information into the hands and minds of decision makers.

Trade Show Presence

A trade show booth, designed to showcase your company, will allow you to reach customers at targeted venues. A booth can include video, print materials and case studies. Many setups are available at trade shows, from booths to banners, but always remember to prominently display your logo and slogan in the design. Be bold with your brand, and have your most knowledgeable and outgoing employees at the trade show.


Work with marketing and public relations professionals who can help carry out the most effective techniques for your company. A well-planned, well-executed plan with more than just one tactic will ensure business growth.

Construction Business Owner, May 2011