Price of gasoline per gallon $1.92 $3.70
Annual value of construction put in place $988.5 billion $956.1 billion
Movie ticket price $6.21 $8.35
Number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses in the construction industry 401,000 183,200
Number of people at World of Concrete 56,106 48,000+
Average hourly earnings (production and nonsupervisory construction employees) $19.10 $24.41
Construction workers employed in the United States 6.8 million 5.9 million
Emissions regulations Tier 4 emissions standards were signed, requiring a 90 percent reduction in pollutants from non-road diesel engines. In January 2014, the EPA began issuing Tier 4 Final certification. With the evolution of Tier 4 regulations, today’s equipment engines are incorporating new technologies such as selective catalytic reduction and cooled exhaust gas recirculation. Manufacturers also are revamping their equipment to feature improved productivity, greater operator comfort and higher safety standards.
Price of milk per gallon $2.88 $3.74
Construction highlight The cornerstone of the Freedom Tower in New York City was laid July 4, with the construction process beginning two years later. The Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1,776 feet. The first tenants are expected to occupy the facility beginning in November.
Architectural billings index Jan.: 52.5
Feb.: 56.1
Mar.: 56.4
Apr.: 52.3
May: 51.6
Jan.: 50.4
Feb.: 50.7
Mar.: 48.8
Apr.: 49.6
May: 52.6