4 reasons this piece of equipment may be invaluable to your fleet

Choosing the right trailer to haul your equipment, tools and supplies can be difficult. When thinking about where to invest your money for your construction business, consider the following four benefits and what an enclosed trailer could bring your team.

1. Keep Equipment & Supplies Safe During Transportation

While open utility trailers make it convenient for you to load up your tools and supplies for a jobsite, they are not always the safest way to transport materials from one place to the next. You run the risk of tools falling off the trailer bed while in transit. An enclosed cargo trailer provides a covering, which protects tools from being lost during transportation. With the added structure and protective surroundings for your equipment, you can head to and from any location with the peace of mind that your tools will be safe.

2. Protect Equipment During Damaging Weather Conditions

An open trailer also leaves your materials susceptible to severe weather conditions. Be it high winds, a thunderstorm, torrential downpours or snow, your open trailer is not going to protect your tools and supplies from the harms that can result from these damaging weather conditions. Not only can your enclosed trailer keep your tools dry, it might even provide protection to you and your workers during an unexpected rainstorm.

3. Provide Easier Storage for Materials & Equipment


You can build wooden shelves to fit inside your cargo trailer for added organization. If you are not a fan of built-in shelves, you can buy a few galvanized E-tracks to hang a cabinet on or simply add J hooks to the track for your tools. Because of their minimal wall space, open utility trailers cannot accommodate these types storage options.

If your cargo trailer is fitted with barn doors, they can double as a place for storage. Screw in a few extra hooks on the doors and you have a convenient wall to hang extension cords, bags, levels and rulers. Utility trailers typically come with a standard ramp door, which can be problematic in tight parking situations. Most enclosed trailers can also accommodate additional ladder storage on the roof or on the outside walls if needed. Open trailers can provide ladder storage, but require more intensive installation and possibly welding to attach.

4. Guarantee an Added Level of Security

If you want to go home after a long day and leave your trailer behind at the jobsite, you can. One of the biggest perks of having an enclosed trailer is being able to lock it up and leave it. Buy yourself a hitch lock and a few locks for the side and/or roof doors, and you are set. Open trailers cannot provide this level of security. The exposed bed of a utility trailer leaves belongings exposed and susceptible to theft.

The outside wall surface of an enclosed cargo trailer also provides ample space for your company’s name and business logo. Having this added identification is vital to your company in the event of an accident, or if someone tries to break into your trailer.

As you consider what kind of trailer is best for your business, keep these four benefits of an enclosed trailer in mind.