Modern Expense Policies for Construction Companies
Sponsored by: Divvy
Mar. 23, 2023
1 p.m. CST

How does your construction company control employee spending? If you’re still using the same old expense policy (or relying on ad hoc rules), you’re not alone. But creating a modern expense policy that keeps spending in check, reduces rogue expenses, and is easy for your employees to follow must be complicated, right? Actually, not really.

Join fellow industry professionals for modern expense policies for construction companies, a one-hour live presentation that will make creating (or updating) your expense policy easy.

You’ll learn how to:

• Create a modern expense policy based on trust, not control

• Use tech to increase adoption and simplify enforcement

• Reduce out-of-policy spending and rogue expenses




Christian Barfuss
Account Executive

Christian Barfuss is a senior account executive and has been with Divvy for nearly five years. He previously studied and worked in both finance and construction and loves helping business owners streamline their process around spend and expense management.

Christian Rennie
Director of Customer Success

Christian Rennie has been with Divvy since the beginning, starting as the company’s first sales representative. He has seen the rapid growth from 20 employees through the acquisition with He has enjoyed having multiple roles on the revenue team both in sales and customer success, with the goal always being to simplify, automate and digitize expense management for companies.



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