Take charge and develop a business information plan
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Contractors in today’s marketplace are caught in the middle of a paper and paperless culture. It can be hard to manage this information overload. Many contractors haven’t taken advantage of digital document solutions, and the ones that have are still dealing with high volumes of data. This can put the strain on operational efficiencies if you are not standardizing information management properly. With so many sources of information, it’s never been more important to take charge and develop a business information plan.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Manage the influx of standard mail, email, faxes, e-faxes, contracts, etc.
  • Standardize forms of documentation
  • Improve collaboration among you, your customers and subcontractors
  • Promote inner-departmental communication between the field and back office
  • Safeguard against possible litigation years down the road
  • Increase overall project visibility with current and past jobs

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Tim Gray
Tim Gray
Market Development Manager
Viewpoint Construction Software

Tim Gray is the market development manager for Viewpoint Construction Software’s Western Region.Gray has over 22 years of professional accounting experience with a construction industry focus since 1998. He obtained his CPA while working with Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Kathleen Schneider
Kathleen Schneider
Richman Knoll Associates

20 years’ experience as a company officer for a third party administrator, SRC – An Aetna Company, she understands challenges faced by business owners to increase profitability and streamline operations in the complex contracting environment.

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