The tips you need to find simplicity in the complex world of construction
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Accurate, real-time project information is essential to identifying jobs that are at risk financially and getting them back on track. Yet, many contractors are only beginning to harness the power of information and, instead, struggle with manual processes and disconnected apps used by different teams. As your company grows and jobs become more complex, you have to simplify how your teams share and use information.

By bringing your finance, HR, project management and mobile field tools together with one common set of data, you can encourage technology adoption and real-time information sharing across project teams. The result is an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making by getting all your teams on the same page.

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • The trends in big data and business intelligence affecting construction businesses
  • The importance of eliminating manual processes and having one set of trusted data for all your teams
  • How dashboards and data visualization can simplify communication and decision-making
  • The common pitfalls of trying to cobble together apps and other software packages from a bunch of different providers
  • How integrated processes that utilize modern cloud-based technologies can lead to improved productivity and profitability

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Scott Rosenbloom
Scott Rosenbloom
Vice President, Analytics

Scott Rosenbloom leads Viewpoint's Analytics group, driving big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives across all of Viewpoint's products. Rosenbloom spent the last 5 years at Dexter + Chaney and Viewpoint helping contractors get their teams working in one common set of data to enable better decision-making and better business outcomes. Prior to going to work in construction software, he spent 8 years working in product and sales roles in Microsoft's Server and Cloud division.

Mark Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Senior Product Manager
Spectrum by Viewpoint

Mark Schwartz is responsible for product life cycle, strategic planning and successful release of new operations functionality in Viewpoint's Spectrum construction software. Schwartz has over 15 years of experience in construction software sales and product management, both at Dexter + Chaney and Viewpoint.

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