Taking the next step on your digital journey & realizing the benefits of a digital handover
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10 a.m. CST

The promise of a “digital twin” is that it allows a building project to start digital and stay digital — from design to build to operations — and transform rich data into business intelligence. The reality of the industry, however, is much different from this vision. Mounds of disorganized data in varying formats are buried in electronic folders, rendering useless a treasure trove of valuable data insight. For an owner, that’s lost opportunity and money that cannot be recovered.

Digital twin technology seeks to unlock this treasure by freeing, organizing and standardizing data from design and construction, creating a simple and intuitive digital replica of all the components, systems, and spaces in a facility. The ultimate goal is a comprehensive digital handover from designer to owner of accessible and insightful data for better operational and business decisions.

Whether you’re an owner, operator or AEC professional, this webinar will help you take the next step on your digital journey and realize the benefits of a digital handover. Join us and AEC firms Jacobs and Black & Veatch to discuss how to better support projects, drive business and maximize investments.

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Brian Melton
Brian Melton
Chief Technologist
Black & Veatch | Water Business

Brian Melton helps embrace digital transformation and recognize its impact on project delivery for the water business of Black & Veatch. In his 20 years there, he has been a part of some of the largest infrastructure projects around the globe, including mining, hydropower and water and wastewater treatment, conveyance and storage, frequently working with teams in North and South America, the UK, India and Asia. He has an extensive background in building information modeling (BIM) with respect to infrastructure projects. Melton supports and leads efforts that help enable the best quality and team experiences for the delivery of projects today; and continues to drive innovation efforts and promote positive disruption to enhance our delivery of projects for tomorrow.

Marin Pastar
Marin Pastar
Global Technology Leader, Vertical Information Modeling

Marin Pastar is a registered architect and innovation and technology expert. He began his career 20 years ago as a technical production architect and project manager. He is a strong advocate for owners, striving to eliminate the costly duplication of efforts in project execution, and move closer to the ideal built environment consisting of true buildable design followed by an IoT-enabled digital twin deliverable. At Jacobs, Marin focuses on leveraging his industry experience to help project teams discern project technology and innovation constraints and opportunities. He is passionate about developing the most suitable project execution strategy that leverages advanced virtual design and construction (VDC) tools and workflows in innovative ways to help streamline delivery and achieve a digital handover of the built environment. He focuses his leadership and advocacy toward enhancing the built environment and raising awareness for what is possible as we challenge today and reinvent tomorrow.

Bob Bray
Bob Bray
Senior Director & General Manager
Autodesk Tandem

As the senior director and general manager of Autodesk Tandem, Bob Bray is leading Autodesk’s newest business initiative to transform the built asset life cycle with digital twin technology and solutions. Bray has significant experience developing new products and markets, managing distributed development teams, running successful open-source projects, and evangelizing products and technology. He is well versed in cloud computing, big data and web-based application development technologies, with a demonstrated ability to bridge technical and business strategy. In his 20+ years at Autodesk, Bray has held a number of key leadership roles in AEC product management, engineering management, software architecture and software development. He led the development and launch of several critical products including Autodesk® BIM 360 Design and Autodesk InfraWorks. Bray holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Missouri.

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