A look at 2018’s trends in talent acquisition & training techniques
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Over the past few years, a focus on the need to invest in the development of employees has been diverted. As contractors hire more people to support new work, they must recognize that some of the industry's talented veterans left the workforce and are not coming back. As business owners hire newer employees with less experience, there is a significant need to train them, especially as baby boomers continue to retire at increasing rates.

Learning objectives: 

  • Examine training trends, challenges, concerns and innovations and their impact on the construction industry in the past year
  • Identify the successful training and development strategies required to maximize performance and develop a culture of accountability
  • Utilize these techniques and strategies to advance talent development practices within your company
  • Observe the practices that leading construction firms from across the country have adapted into their strategic plans


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Steena Chandler
Steena Chandler
Leadership Consultant
FMI Corporation

Steena Chandler is a leadership consultant with FMI, and has a background in leadership development, renewable energy and consulting. Prior to her work at FMI, she lived in Tanzania for 7 years, working in leadership development for a large solar company. Chandler holds a master’s degree from University of Colorado.

Edward K. Rowell
Edward K. Rowell
Senior Consultant
FMI Corporation

As a senior consultant with FMI’s CSL, Edward K. Rowell builds leaders for the engineering, construction and design industries. Rowell primarily works with the CSL’s consulting practice, serving clients in seasons of transition and management succession. He is also a facilitator at the CSL’s Leadership Institute, a 4-day interactive development course where industry leaders exercise and develop their leadership styles. Rowell holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from William Jewell College and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in organizational development and leadership from Fielding University.

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