As the first of a two-part webinar series, The Project Manager’s MBA, Part I will develop a solid business foundation for project leaders, including awareness and passion for business success. Construction project managers must take the time to understand the realm of business. Information provided in this webinar will offer business principles for project managers to apply on their projects. Many of these principles break no new ground, but provide a deeper focus on how project leaders can implement fundamental MBA concepts in a project setting. This free webinar will cover the following list of topics generated from the core curriculum of the nation’s most prominent MBA programs.

• Finance and accounting
• Organizational behavior
• Ethics
• Marketing
• Economics
• Operations management

Watch the second part of this series by clicking here.


Gregg Schoppman
FMI Consulting

Schoppman is a consultant with FMI, management consultants and investment bankers for the construction industry. Schoppman specializes in the areas of productivity and project management. He also leads FMI’s project management consulting practice.