Today’s workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials, a generation widely known for embracing state-of-the art solutions, which makes technology a major motivating factor.  

Join us for this free webinar to explore contemporary influences that motivate workforce teams today. Learn how technology will give you a leg up on recruiting and retaining your project workforce and discover ways that your business can benefit from this generation’s strengths in bringing about change and adopting technology into new processes. 

Key topics include:

  • Leveraging technology to differentiate your employee brand 
  • Creating a culture for technology adoption
  • The positive, long-term impact of onboarding and training 
  • Tactics for recruiting, selection and retention  


Gregg M. Schoppman
FMI Corporation

Schoppman is a consultant with FMI, management consultants and investment bankers for the construction industry. Schoppman specializes in the areas of productivity and project management. He also leads FMI’s project management consulting practice.

Christian Burger
Burger Consulting Group

Burger is the president of Burger Consulting Group, an IT consulting firm based in Chicago. Burger has worked within the construction industry for nearly 25 years, originally with FMI before starting his own firm in 1997. Much of his work at the firm is focusing on IT strategy and leadership for BCG clients. Burger is also involved in best practices process work during the implementation phase.