KZN Series Pumps

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KZN Series Pumps

The KZN series hard metal agitator slurry pumps are engineered specifically for tough applications, including mineral processing, steel production, drilling mud transfer, slurry transfer, sand and gravel, lime slurry and fly ash. With superior protection and top discharge design, every KZN pump is constructed with an abrasive resistant 28% chrome iron impeller, wear plate and agitator. Along with class H motor insulation, a heavy duty lip seal, and hardened ductile iron volute, KZN pumps are not easily damaged when transported between projects. Cooled by pumped liquids allows for the removal of liquids to within inches of the bottom. In addition, the largest KZN model has a slim design, allowing the pump to fit in tighter spaces than side discharge pumps. Protected by the Seal Minder moisture detection system, the KZN series of pumps are built to keep your production running at all times.

About BJM Pumps - An Industrial Flow Solutions Company

BJM Pumps, an Industrial Flow Solutions company, manufactures, sells and services submersible pumps used in dewatering and wastewater applications. Its field-proven portfolio of solutions delivers long life with low maintenance requirements in challenging operating conditions in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Designed for harsh environments, these pumps save you money by minimizing your downtime and increasing maintenance efficiency. This results in a better total cost of ownership over the service life of the pumps. Whether you’re dealing with heavy solids-laden liquids, abrasive slurries, acidic or caustic fluids, high temperature water, heavy-duty cycles, or environments that require explosion proof equipment, BJM Pumps has pumps to address your specific needs.

The unique designs and outstanding product quality are matched by BJM Pumps' high-touch customer service and network of highly-trained, expert distributors. From diagnosing your chronic pump problems to making sure we have the inventory you need with short delivery times, the team works closely with you to solve the problems you deal with every day.